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Roots & Reflections (DVD Set 3) - Episodes 17-24
Roots & Reflections (DVD Set 3) - Episodes 17-24

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In “Roots & Reflections” we see the reality of life in Israel — Jews and Arabs living alongside each other in a colourful and vibrant country where visitors are warmly welcomed. We explore a rich past that stretches back over three thousand years and includes some of the most momentous events in faith and world history.

This DVD Set contains 2 discs with 8 episodes in total.

Disc 1 - Passover, Biblical Israel & Sderot
Ep 17: Passover Preparations: Feasts of Israel
Ep 18: Passover Celebration: Feasts of Israel
Ep 19: Living in Bible Times
Ep 20: City of Refuge: Sderot Under Attack

Disc 2 - Ancient Cities & Ports, Seas & Rivers
Ep 21: Caesarea: I Will Give You the Nations
Ep 22: The Port of Jaffa: I Will Give You the Nations
Ep 23: The Sea of Galilee
Ep 24: The Jordan River

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